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Plasmid extraction micro columns

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Plasmid extraction micro columns


The plasmid mini prep columns are supplied with spin columns and collection tubes. The columns are based on silica membrane technology and provide fast and reliable extraction of high quality plasmid with a binding capacity of 30 μg.

The columns is made of the high quality high purity Silica Membrane, Also the material are all the 100% new medical grade PP, not the recovery material plastic. which make sure the long column self life and high yield high purity of plasmid.

Extracted plasmid is ready for use in many downstream applications, including restriction digestion, ligation and transformation, PCR, sequencing and library construction.


  • High quality with reproducible yields
  • Suitable for various downstream applications
  • Large fragment size and high purity
  • High quality and reproducible yields
  • Long shelf life up to 2 years!
  • Single protocol for high or low copy plasmids
  • Up to 30 μg high purity plasmid DNA
  • Compatible with most of top brand buffers such as Qiagen's and Invitrogen's, low cost substitute for top Brands such as Qiagen, Life, Promega, Sigma and so on.
  • High-quality silica membrane are capable of strong adsorption to nucleic acids under chaotropic conditions and easy elution under low-salt or no-salt conditions;
  • Frits can withstand high-speed centrifugation, with extremely low adsorption to nucleic acids;
  • DNase-free and RNase-free;
  • All manufacturing processes are under ISO9001:2015 system.

Package size:

500 set/per bag
5000 sets per carton
carton size:55×45×46 cm, GW:15KGs, NW:12KGs.

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