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LwaCas13a (C2c2)

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Cat: CAS13A


LwaCas13a Nuclease (C2c2) is a crRNA mediated RNA endonuclease derived from Leptotrichia wadei strain. In the presence of PFS sequences in the target single stranded RNA, it can specifically recognize and cleave the target RNA. In addition, Cas13a also has trans cleavage activity (i.e., bypass cleavage activity/accessory cleavage activity), which means that when LwaCas13a protein binds to crRNA and target RNA to form a ternary complex, it is activated for trans cleavage activity against non-specific sequence single stranded RNA, shredding any sequence single stranded RNA in the system. This activity has also been used in the development of rapid detection kits for target nucleic acids.


ComponentCAS13A-01 (100 pmol)CAS13A-02 (1000 pmol)
LwaCas13a (10 μM)10 µl100 µl
LwaCas13a Reaction Buffer (10 ×)1 ml2 ml

Storage condition

Store at -30 ~ -15 ℃. Transportation conditions: ≤ 0 ℃.

Unit Definition

1 unit refers to the amount of Cas13a enzyme required to cleave 1 pmol ssRNA probe within 1 minute under 37 ℃ reaction conditions.


Obtained through E. coli recombination, expression, and purification, the expressed gene is derived from Leptotrichia wadei.


Cut any sequence of single stranded RNA, etc.

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