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Cas9 Nuclease

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Cat: CAS09


Cas9 Nuclease is an RNA directed sequence specific double stranded DNA Endonuclease. Wizard RNA identifies target sites by complementing with the target sequence and carries Cas9 Nuclease onto the target DNA. Cas9 Nuclease has two cleavage active centers, which respectively cleave two strands of target DNA to produce DNA DNA repair Double-strand breaks. The cleavage site is located within the target region and three bases away from NGG (PAM).


ComponentCAS09-01 (50 pmol)CAS09-02 (250 pmol)
Cas9 Nuclease (1 μM)50 µl250 µl
Cas9 Nuclease Reaction Buffer (10×)1 ml1 ml

Storage condition

Store at -15~-30 ℃. Transportation conditions: ≤ 0 ℃.

Unit Definition

1 unit refers to the amount of enzyme required to add 0.5 pmol of dNTP to the acid insoluble precipitate during a 10 minute reaction at 30 ℃.


This product is a high-purity Cas9 active protein expressed and purified in Escherichia coli using the Cas9 gene cloned from Streptococcus pyogenes.


Double stranded DNA cleavage; Genomic modification.

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