HotStar Probe Mix UNG
PCM63, HotStar Probe Mix UNG, TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, Detection of target sequences, DUTP-UNG pollution prevention system
HotStar DNA Polymerase bulk pack for IVD
PC11, PC12, Hotstar DNA Polymerase, E star Taq DNA Polymerase, Anti body modifed Hotstar DNA Polymerase, suitable for IVD use
Cold sensitive mutant hotstar Taq DNA Polymerase
PC05, csm Taq DNA Polymerase, Cold sensitive mutant Taq DNA Polymerases, 5U/μl
HotStar TaqMan Probe qPCR Mix with low rox
The 2x TaqMan qPCR master (low rox) Mix is a special mixture for Probe real time PCR(TaqMan , Molecular Beacon etc.)
HotStar Probe one step RT-qPCR mix for COVID-19
Which special optimized for COVID-19 Virus
2x TaqMan Probe qPCR Mix HotStar Taq bulk pack
PCM40, 2x TaqMan qPCR Master Mix(with ROX), TaqMan probe qPCR Mix, Hotstar tech, with ROX
HotStar PCR Master Mix
PCM13, PCM13B, 2x Hotstar PCR Master Mix blue dye, Chemical modified Hotstar DNA Polymerase, 1ml/vial or bulk