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HotVent exo- DNA Polymerase

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Storage Condition



  • HotVent exo- DNA Polymerase 2U/μl
  • 10x HotVent exo- DNA Polymerase
  • Reaction Buffer


HotVent exo- DNA Polymerase purified E. coli strain of self weight group. This enzyme is a natural enzyme obtained by genetic engineering. The polymerase is a high fidelity heat-resistant DNA polymerase with a half-life of 8 hours at 100°C. It is suitable for primer extension and high temperature (72°C) DNA sequencing.

Unit Definition

At 75°C, within 30 minutes, the amount of enzyme required for the incorporation of 10 nmol of whole nucleotides into acid insoluble precipitates is defined as 1 active unit (U).

Quality Control

HotVent exo- DNA Polymerase SDS-PAGE purity > 99%, no endonuclease and exonuclease activities.


  1. In general, the annealing temperature is 5°C lower than the fusion temperature Tm of the amplification primer in the experiment. When the ideal amplification efficiency cannot be obtained, the annealing temperature should be appropriately reduced; When nonspecific reaction occurs, the annealing temperature is increased to optimize the reaction conditions.
  2. The extension time should be set according to the size of the amplified fragment. The amplification efficiency of HotVent exo- DNA Polymerase is 1 KB / min.
  3. The number of cycles can be set according to the downstream application of amplification products. If the number of cycles is too small, the amplification amount is insufficient; If the number of cycles is too many, the mismatch probability will increase, and the non-specific background will be serious. Therefore, the number of cycles should be minimized on the premise of ensuring the yield of products.


HV01HotVent exo- DNA Polymerase2U/μl

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