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Long-segment gene synthesis

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The long-segment gene synthesis service can synthesize long-segment genes of more than 6kb for you at a very competitive price. There are no mutations or errors in the synthesized sequence, and the sequence is 100% accurate. With its unique cloning technology and the support of a new long fragment assembly cloning platform, the company can accurately and efficiently assemble multiple DNA fragments in one step. Compared with the traditional method of multiple splicing and assembly of multiple short-segment genes, this technology greatly saves time and cost, and the synthesized sequence is 100% accurate, without mutations and errors.

Service order

Gene lengthDelivery period
6000~10000 bp30~35 working days
10001~15000 bpinquiry
15001~30000 bpinquiry
30001~50000 bpinquiry

Standard delivery

  • Our company provides customers with all technical information and products, including:
  • COA file-Plasmid structure diagram
  • About 5μg freeze-dried plasmid DNA-sequencing map
  • One tube of glycerol bacteria or puncture bacteria containing recombinant plasmid
  • Sequencing peak map (electronic version of abi file)
  • Gene sequence alignment file (electronic version)

Special statement: The company promises not to spread, open or use the customer's genetic sequence in any form, and to keep relevant information completely confidential. One month after the company delivers the product, it will completely destroy all related primers, plasmids and strains.

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