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Genefragment gene synthesis

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Genefragment gene synthesis is a linear double-stranded DNA fragment, which can be quickly used for cloning, construction, and modification of simple genes.

Service order

Gene lengthDelivery period
100~500 bp2~4 working days
501~750 bp2~4 working days
751~1000 bp3~5 working days
1001~1250 bp5~8 working days
1251~1500 bp5~8 working days
1501~1750 bp5~8 working days
1751~2000 bp5~8 working days

Service advantage

  • -High quality: Each delivered fragment is verified by agarose gel electrophoresis
  • -Short synthesis cycle: Fastest delivery in 2 days
  • -More convenient to use: Linear double-stranded DNA fragments that can be used directly
  • -Easy to order: 7*24 online order system submit and manage your orders in real time

Standard delivery

100-2000 bp(A/T/C/G) dry powder

Special statement: The company promises not to spread, open or use the customer's genetic sequence in any form, and to keep relevant information completely confidential. One month after the company delivers the product, it will completely destroy all related primers, plasmids and strains.

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