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High-throughput gene synthesis

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The rapid development of synthetic biology puts forward an increasingly urgent need for gene synthesis capabilities. In recent years, the microchip gene synthesis technology has made exciting new progress, and it is developing in the direction of high throughput, high fidelity, and automation. Our company has leading technology in this field, and can provide customers with fast and inexpensive high-throughput gene synthesis services, especially suitable for the synthesis of a large number of gene fragments and long genome sequences.

Service advantage

  • -Experienced expert design team
  • -Advanced high-throughput and high-fidelity gene synthesis technology
  • -Seamless and traceless cloning solution
  • -Perfect project management

Standard delivery

  • Our company provides customers with all technical information and products, including:
  • COA file-Plasmid structure diagram
  • Sequence comparison file

Special statement: The company promises not to spread, open or use the customer's genetic sequence in any form, and to keep relevant information completely confidential. One month after the company delivers the product, it will completely destroy all related primers, plasmids and strains.

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