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Vaccinia Capping System

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This product is a GMP grade recombinant vaccinia capping system and related components. It can add 7-methylguanosine cap (m7gppp, cap0) to the 5' end of RNA, which is closely related to the stability, transport and translation of mRNA.
The recombinant vaccinia virus capping enzyme in this product is expressed on a large scale in E. coli, which conforms to GMP production and quality management standards. All raw and auxiliary materials are traceable.


  • Host DNA residue: ≤ 100 pg / mg
  • High purity: ≥ 95%
  • No virus, mycoplasma and other common pathogens
  • Heavy metal: ≤ 10ppm
  • Internal toxicity control: ≤ 10eu / mg
  • No RNase activity, endonuclease activity
  • Host protein residue: ≤ 50 ppm
  • No activity of exonuclease and protease


M062Vaccinia Capping EnzymeVaccinia Capping Enzyme, Animal free, for mRNA capping. Size: 10U/μl*50μl
GMP-M062Vaccinia Capping Enzyme, GMP GradeVaccinia Capping Enzyme, GMP Grade, Animal free, for mRNA capping. Size: 10U/μl*50μl

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