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RNase Inhibitor GMP Grade

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This product is a GMP grade recombinant RNase inhibitor (RNase inhibitor). When it forms a complex with RNase A in the ratio of 1:1, it has a highly non competitive inhibition on RNase, and the reaction is reversible. In addition, the product could not inhibit the RNase H activity of reverse transcriptase.

This product is a mouse derived recombinant protein RNase inhibitor with a molecular weight of about 50kd. It is expressed on a large scale in yeast and conforms to GMP production and quality management standards. All raw and auxiliary materials are traceable.


  • High purity: ≥ 95%
  • Host DNA residue: ≤ 100 pg / mg
  • Heavy metal: ≤ 10ppm
  • No nonspecific nuclease activity
  • Internal toxicity control: ≤ 10 EU / mg
  • No RNase activity, endo / exo enzyme activity
  • Host protein residue: ≤ 50 ppm
  • No virus, mycoplasma and other common pathogens


RNK3501RNase Inhibitor, Murinerecombinant Murine Ribonuclease Inhibitor, 40U/μl
GMP-RI01RNase Inhibitor, GMP Graderecombinant Murine RNase inhibitor, GMP Grade, for medical mRNA synthesis and other biopharmaceutical production. Size:40U/μl*75ul/vial

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