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Thermo Start Bst DNA Polymerase

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ThermoStartTM Bst DNA Polymerase


ThermoStartTM Bst DNA polymerase source from Bacillus stearothermophilus DNA polymerase I. it has no 5'-3' exonuclease activity, but enhanced its 5'-3' DNA polymerase activity and strand replacement activity. After genetic engineering, the enzyme has increased the hot start function, which has no activity below 60 degrees. Compared with wild-type Bst DNA polymerase, the enzyme has greatly improved in amplification speed, yield, salt tolerance and thermal stability, and increased dUTP tolerance. It is very suitable for pollution-proof isothermal amplification reactions, such as lamp.


Recombinant E. coli.


Isothermal DNA amplification and relate research.

Supplied with

10xBst Buffer.

Unit definition

Under 65 °C for 30 min, the amount of enzyme required to add 10 nmol of dNTP into acid insoluble precipitate defined as 1 Unit.

Thermal inactivation

85 °C,5 min.

Storage and transportation

Ship with ice pack, Stored at -20 °C.

Reaction Set up

ComponentVolume(μL)Final concentration
10×Bst Buffer2.51×(contains 8 mM MgSO4)
dNTP Mix (10 mM each)3.51.4 mM each
dUTP (100 mM) (optional)0.351.4 mM
UDGase (1U/μL) (optional)11 U
Template DNA10 ng~1 μg-
Thermo Start DNA Polymerase (8 U/μL)0.25~10.08~0.32 U/μL
ddH2Oto 25-

Reaction conditions

25~37 °C5~10 minDegradation of U-containing template (optional)
65 °C30~60 minReaction
85 °C5 mininactivation

Thermo Start Bst DNA Polymerase test

Thermo Start Bst DNA Polymerase shown activity at the temperature between 51 °C to 65 °C, but did not at other temperature.
COVID-19 N gene was used as a target in the RT-LAMP reaction.

ThermoStart Bst DNA Polymerase, no activity at room temperature. Will be activated at 60°C.


BS01Bst DNA PolymeraseBst DNA Polymerase, Large Fragment, 8U/μl
BS02ThermoStart BST DNA Polymerase★★★ThermoStart BST DNA Polymerase, Hotstar technology, High specificity and sensitivity, suitable for RT lamp and IVD purpose

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