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mRNA vaccine

mRNA (messenger RNA) plays a basic role in human biology, which transfers instructions stored in DNA to express the proteins cells needed. mRNA vaccine is transfer vitro modified RNA to body cell, then produce protein antigen by cell. Which leads to the immune response to the antigen, and then expand the immune capacity of the body. Using mRNA drugs to guide the patient's own cell production can prevent and treat diseases The protein of disease can be used in protein replacement therapy, tumor immunity and infectious disease vaccine.

mRNA vaccine Preparation process

Advantages of mRNA vaccine

No entry into the nucleus, no risk of exogenous gene integration.

It can express antigen in cytoplasm and induce MHC i-presenting nuclear induced CTL reaction directly.

Sustainable generation of antigen, improvement of antibody breadth and affinity, and lasting protection.

There are many kinds and quantities of epitopes, especially suitable for coding new antigens of tumor vaccine.

It can induce JAK-STAT signaling pathway, promote immune response and produce self adjuvant effect.

There is no need for cell culture and other steps, and the speed of R & D, finalization and production is fast.

The development process of mRNA vaccine includes pathogen recognition, sequencing, mRNA synthesis and modification in vitro, purification, filling and other operations. The research and production of mRNA vaccine need a variety of raw materials to ensure the successful development of the vaccine.

As an innovative leader in the domestic molecular enzyme industry, Tinzyme.,Ltd has successfully developed products of various molecular enzyme related raw materials through the advanced two-way technology platform of molecular enzyme and large-scale protein fermentation and purification technology platform, among which the GMP grade raw materials used in the research and production of mRNA vaccine have been recognized by the majority of users.