Long chain primer synthesis
Primer synthesis for 96-well and 384-well plates
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Common primer synthesis

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We have an industry-leading DNA synthesizer, a professional technical team, and a complete synthesis and purification process. We monitor the synthesis of each primer throughout the process to ensure that high-quality primers are delivered to each customer.

Service order

Primer lengthPurification methodOutput (OD)
15~60 bpRPC1~5 OD 6~10 OD 11~20 OD >20 OD
15~60 bpPAGE1~5 OD 6~10 OD 11~20 OD >20 OD
15~60 bpHPLC1~2 OD

Service advantage

  • -Adopting internationally advanced high-throughput DNA synthesizer
  • -Services all over the world
  • -Standard strict quality control
  • -Ultra-fast primer synthesis speed, conventional RPC purified primers
  • -Complete primer synthesis online ordering system and after-sales service
  • -Has an experienced team of primer synthesis experts

Standard delivery

  • Conventional RPC purification primers (15~59 mer, 1~4 OD)
  • Freeze-dried powder or dissolve according to the concentration required by the user
  • Primer product specification

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